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Top 10 Most Dangerous Street Gangs

1 – Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13

In biology, the Marabunta is an impressive movement of ants capable of crossing rivers and devouring small animals in seconds. Organized in a solid band, they leave nothing behind their passage. This word also indicates a killer red ant, sometimes eating men, with poisonous mandibles, leaving its victims paralyzed and in terrible suffering. These two phenomena fairly summarize the actions of the members of the Mara Salvatrucha.

Established in Los Angeles in the 1980s by Salvadorans who left for the United States, the gang quickly began recruiting new members in Latin American countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. With 50 000 and 80 000 members worldwide, its main activities on human trafficking, arms trafficking, drugs, smuggling, money laundering and prostitution (adult women and children ). The Maras are suspected of dozens of murders, to act as couriers in the US-Mexico border, kidnappings and extortion both behind bars than in air. Once in the organization, it is almost impossible to get out alive.

2 – Aryan Brotherhood

Advocating the supremacy of the whites, the Aryan brotherhood developed in a Californian prison in 1967, after the segregationist laws disappeared and white and black detainees were mixed. Extremely violent, members of the gang are known to be responsible for 21% of prison murders, “although the gang represents less than 1% of the prison population,” according to Wikipedia.

The body tattooed symbols and inscriptions referring to the Nazi regime and the extreme right movements (swastika, lightning, “SS”, celtic cross …), its members are necessarily white and all have committed murder to get into the ‘organization. In continual conflict with African-American gangs and as a minority by numbers, they are known for their unlimited violence in building reputation against other criminal organizations. Their lines of business: production and drug trafficking, arms sales, the inmate prostitution , sponsored murders, bank robberies and extortion. As for Maras, only death is a way out of the Aryan Brotherhood, whose friends are the Hells Angels to the Mexican Mafia (for drug trafficking), through the Ku Klux Klan.

3 – Camorra

Unlike its Italian cousin Cosa Nostra , the Camorra is not headed by an ultimate sponsor, placed above all. Dating back to the nineteenth century, it is run by 106 families reigning on specific Territories, headed by a capo (boss) . Similarly, what distinguishes the Cosa Nostra and ‘Ndrangheta , both born in Italy, are the geographical territories they occupy, namely the city against the country for the last two. Fief de la Camorra, Naples alone had no fewer than 67 families and 3,350 members in 1993.

According to Wikipedia citing data from Eurispes, an Italian institute for political, social and economic studies, Comorra has a very lucrative business, its turnover amounted to 12.5 billion euros in 2013, coming from Mainly drug trafficking (cocaine, heroin, cannabis, opium), arms trafficking, prostitution and extortion, especially through pizzo. This forced “tax” is taken from companies under threat and in exchange for a pseudo protection.

Add to this the various scams that are to European subsidies, smuggling and waste trafficking. This business is also responsible for the garbage crisis in Naples in the 2000s and was the subject of a documentary story of Roberto Saviano, recounted in his book Gomorra . Immensely successful, the journalist was continuously monitored and then adapted to film by Matteo Garrone and more recently in series.

4 – Los Zetas / Z

Highly trained, members of Los Zetas are part of the former military and / or members of the elite unit of fight against drug traffickers of the Mexican army (turnkeys) , became the protective branch of the army Gulf cartel , one of the largest cartels in Mexico with more than 100,000 armed men, together with the Sinaloa cartel . Created in the late 90s by the Gulf Cartel’s leader, Osiel Cardenas Guillen , the gang has gradually expanded, up to recruit child soldiers. 

After turning against its former ally, the gang has recovered some of its traffic to the US-Mexico border to burst large-scale settling in the region between allies Cartel ( Cartel Juárez, Tijuana cartel …) and rivals of the Zetas (Gulf cartel, Sinaloa cartel). On drug trafficking background, the paramilitary organization has continued to improve his arsenal and his methods, up to create training and retention camps for the people they kidnap. According to Wikipedia , a raid on the home of one of the leaders in 2008 it was discovered in her home no less than 540 rifles, 165 grenades, 500,000 ammunition and 19 sticks of dynamite.

At the origin of several massacres of population, murder with decapitation, assassinations of police chiefs or the Mexican army or even politicians, sometimes just a few hours after their investiture, Los Zetas are considered as l One of the most dangerous gangs on the planet. Established in the United States (Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado), Mexico and Guatemala, they are also linked to N’drangheta, one of the Italian mafias, for whom they cook and supply methamphetamine. Authorities.

5 – The Yakuza

Officially counting 58,600 members worldwide in 2013 , the gang of yakuza is one of the most extensive in the world, far from living in secret. This gang has the particularity of being organized in the form of legal associations, which are found all over Japan, but also abroad.

The Yakuzas are part of the Japanese landscape, their history dating back to the seventeenth century when their activities had a connection with games and politics. For if they are known to the general public, not necessarily hiding from the population and governments, it goes back to the fact that they have long maintained links with conservative and nationalist leaders from the twentieth century, especially during the period Of the Second World War. This is also around this time that prostitution has become one of their main activities, charging to provide sex slaves, known as  “comfort women ” for the Japanese army.

But this gang takes a prominent place in Japanese society after the war. As the Japanese were under US occupation, the Korean and Thai mafias settled in the country and gained prominence. The yakuzas then benefit from the backing of a part of the Japanese political class to counter them. In parallel, they also develop the black market supplying the population deprived of basic necessities.

Source (hands): Photo by Anton Kusters published on Japan Addiction website 

Divided into several gangs who numbered 126 in the 60s, the yakuza are experiencing more violent branches specialized in the trafficking of amphetamines and prostitution when others have turned to real estate, arms trafficking, Extortion or corruption. The sector games and sports paris are also major industries for the yakuza, particularly in the fight and sumo wrestling.

Their offices storefront, the yakuza get picked by the people through their costumes and their approach, but especially by their tattoos covering a large part of their body. A fault in his organization is paid at the price of his little finger that the yakuza must cut himself. An unforgivable mistake is punished with a hara-kiri, suicidal gesture samurai.

6 – The Mexican Mafia (eMe)

Main criminal organization in American prisons , the Mexican Mafia is not rampant in Mexico, but the other side of the border. This gang alone crystallizes a dozen other factions, including the Mara salvatrucha, which it supplants. These associated gangs are grouped under the name Sureños . The number 13 is also a sign of allegiance to this organization, the 13th letter of the alphabet being the M, symbol of the eMe.

Created in 1957 in a California prison, the eMe some rules that members, recognizable by their black hand tattooed on his torso , must follow under penalty of being punished or killed. It is forbidden to be homosexual, to be a scales, to fight against another member, to disrespect him or steal it.

Directing all Hispanic gangs in Southern California, they are accused of numerous murders, arms trafficking, drugs and humans, pimping, of migrant smuggling , kidnappings and extortion. If they are allied with the Aryan Brotherhood, they have the main enemies members of the Nuestra Familia , the Crips, the Bloods and the Black Guerrilla Family. 

7 – The Crips

On one side, there are the Crips in blue. On the other, the Bloods in red. If some of their members (or former members) culminating in the US charts and rap US , these organizations are nevertheless known for their violence. Corruption, prostitution, drug trafficking including the trafficking of crack and cocaine , killings, robberies. The list of crimes perpetrated by these great teenagers is appalling and endless.


Founded in the US in the late 60s by Stanley “Tookie” Williams and Richard Washington , both still teenagers, the gang of Crips is born from the merger of two organizations called Baby Avenues , given the young age of their members (Between 15 and 25 years on average), a factor still topical among the Crips.

On the other hand, the gang has surpassed the borders of California and gathers more than one hundred local gangs, bringing the number of members in the United States to more than 35 000. Being known for the fierce war that they engage with the Bloods, the Crips contribute to the gang war that has no less than 805 deaths in 1995. According to Wikipedia , a momentary lull was felt when Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips sentenced to death for murder became anti-gang activist , Called the Crips and Bloods to end their conflicts before he was executed.

8 – The Bloods

As the Crips began to gain momentum in Los Angeles, rival gangs, much less numerous, joined forces to create the Bloods Gang Knowledge in 1972. More violent to assert themselves in front of the numbers, the members of this new gang are Just as young as their rivals. As for the rare 30-year-olds who are still part of the organization, their mission is to manage territories. As with biker gangs, the analogy with the army is not very far. The group leader is not elected, but is appointed according to his criminal past and influence, when the rest of the members is called “Soldier”. Therefore not surprising to find the members of the Bloods in the US Army , including in overseas bases.

Moreover, several projects whose mixtapes “Bangin ‘on Wax” and One Crip, One Blood (with collaborations including between Snoop Dogg and The Game ) helped calm things down between the two organizations, proposing to the members (or Ex-members) of the two clans to compete by microphones interposed, in battles of hip-hop.

9 – Mongrel Mob

Based in New Zealand , this gang has everything a biker gang … without motorcycles. Founded in the 1960s, the Mongrel Mob now numbers thirty clubs throughout the country, known for being extremely violent. As gangs of North American bikers, the culture of initiation is very strong. Similarly, each group in the organization has a hierarchy similar to that of the military ranks: President, Vice-President, Sergeant … As prospects, future members must demonstrate their loyalty in many missions before they can Wear the name Mongrel Mob on the back of their jackets and on their skin.

Gang composed mainly of Europeans at the beginning, Maori have joined the movement in the 70s, giving an amazing mix of tattoos, which can be discovered on the series of portraits of the photographer Jono Rotman , visible on the magazine’s website Vice . The members of Mongrels Mob having trafficked drugs, prostitution and robberies armed their business, the exhibition of Jono Rotman has made polemic, accused of sublimating the horror. Both disturbing and sublime, they illustrate a part of the history of the country, whose bibliography is far from being provided.

10 – Hell’s Angels

Faithful to their brothers whom they defend violently, these bikers in Harley Davidon live from trafficking in arms and narcotics, procuring and robberies. The name of the club stuck on the back of their jacket, not all members are full members and do not have the same status in the hierarchy, each club comprising a president, a vice-president (VP) and a sergeant-at-arms . To return definitively to the club is gained by force of confidence and of time spent under the status of prospects. If this description could be a beginning of summary of the series Sons of Anarchy, it nonetheless presents some bases of the organization of the Hell’s Angel, a real criminal organization.

The analogy between reality and fiction continues with the strange participation of Sonny Barger , in the role of Lenny “The pimp”, one of the founders of the club in the series. But Sonny Barger is not just an occasional actor, but, indeed, the founder of the first club headquarters and the Hell’s Angels in California in the 50s Enjoying a credit to their debut at the population level, Their image was quickly chipped by the murder of a spectator during a concert of the Rolling Stones in 1969, while they ensured the safety. Nazi imagery and acts of extreme violence continued to be associated with its members, accentuated by their alliances with gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood.

The growing influence of the movement beyond the borders of the United States, the takeover of drug trafficking in Canada, led to a motorcycle war, killing about a hundred people, including an 11-year-old boy, in an assassination attempt. the bomb. This event has since triggered a gigantic investigation leading to many arrests among others for murders and drug trafficking. Arrests were also held twice in France, where seven clubs are installed, according to Wikipedia.

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duct cleaning

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Buying the Best Dj controller

Vinyl, CD, Traktor, Serato, Ableton or something else? Which DJ for beginners is the best choice? Part 1 of a series:

The classic vinyl setup.
Earlier – as much was known not only everything better, but also simple. I, for example, interested me since early childhood music. For East Zone ritual Jugendweihe I got a tape recorder. BRG MK27, from Bulgaria or so.Now I could record music. Radio recording in Valley of the Clueless, an adventure in itself. The AIWA recorder my father I later built their own edits of contemporary hits, I mean me The flirtations with “Passion” to remember. That was my school environment not hidden and I was chosen to provide sound the occasional dance evenings with local POS. La Boum, the Fete. Three cassette recorder, one of them only to fast forward.Director 2000 mixer. East!

Eventually came the turn (my great aunt claim the coup) and with it the first turntable from Conrad, was followed by a mixer from Gemini and yet ultimately a turntable. The music interest leveled off in radio and its retro game species such as acid jazz. In a time when you just so could open a “club” and the people were starving musical, had with these conditions the DJ job almost assured. Stories of the past. For more info check out

The right DJ Setup for beginners.

Today it is far more complicated. Not only the field of potential competitors is due to the constant and almost free availability of music, far greater. The technical possibilities are as inexpensive as diverse. One sees this, one hears that … endkrass … I will. But how to start? A question that should be clarified in the following of its technical side.

pioneer dj controller

The CLASSIC DJ SETUP existed since the glory days of disco in the seventies of two turntables, mostly TECHNICS, and a blender. After Rotary’s in the early days (with knobs instead of sliders), which had since the nineties usually mixer PIONEER. Somehow the DJM500 had prevailed.Despite castrated Vorhörmöglichkeit and blechigem sound. Were hook logically records. Less LPs or singles small, but so-called “Twelve Inch”.Does the 12-inch format, with an average of 3 tracks. Original version, to one, two remixes. This was the team: Turntable, mixer, vinyl.

At that time inevitable, this cutlery is now a case for traditionalists.”Strictly Vinyl” is also used as an exclusion of “uniformity”. This aspect might even be true, because it is assumed that the vinyl DJ actually busy with musical content. Soul-singles or obscure Hungarian Electronica there not for 99 cents. Brings us to the money: The cost of useful equipment are in the thousands, the running costs are also not cheap. unfortunately addition die slowly from the local record stores.

Why it should be a direct drive turntable.

Thus one wants to break with this setup, is the recommendation to get the best direct-drive turntables . The cheaper turntable with belt drive are not suitable for the DJ workflow. Adjusting speed is difficult, almost impossible to scratch. Who is targeting a career as a club DJ, should also keep in mind what the crowd in clubs are like. Most namely TECHNICS 1200/1210 – still – although the last few years are no longer manufactured. Available old stocks are trading at prices sick. A good Farm (reconditioned ideally) should be at around 300-400 euros currently. Moreover, even a system is needed for the sound pick-up, especially for the laying on a system with spherical milled needle . Widespread are headshell systems (eg SHURE M44 , which is often used by DJs who scratch) or Concord systems from ORTOFON. To get good sound output, it makes sense to invest some more.Let’s say a ORTOFON DJ S for 85 Euro.

Another Alternative: PIONEER PLX1000

Instead used TECHNICS course you can put on new goods. Prices range from under 300 Euro to 700 Euro. With superior level are RELOOP RP7000, STANTON ST-150 or PIONEER PLX-1000 worth a look. With a limited budget, the recommendation to SYNQs XTRM-1 goes.

Club Standart: PIONEER

Club Standard: PIONEER

A record player alone does not DJ set and in between is missing the mixer. Are in the club, as mentioned, to be found mostly Mixer PIONEER whose sound is controversial. The cause of the reputation is earlier versions, newer devices such as theDJM 900 NEXUS relates not really.

It should be clear how much channels you need and what features are important. Satisfy two channels, equipped with a simple 3-band equalizer and a crossfader for crossfading for the mixing of two plates. Important is the cue mix, which means that you can pre-mix under headphones. This feature simple mixer often lack. Many consoles with only two channels belong to the genre of “Best Mixer . The target group is hip hop affine scratch DJs, focus is on the right as possible crossfader. Which leads to the smooth terrain of features. While relatively quickly the decision on 2, 3, 4 or 5 channels, there is a lot to consider here. Requires one filter? A controllable effects loop? Direct effects on board? Adjustable fader curves? Microphone inputs? A built-in audio interface? Many output zones? MIDI?

Good & Inexpensive: ECLER NUO4.0

Good & Inexpensive: ECLER NUO4.0

Important is the sound and there are, in addition to some lesser-known companies (eg DATEK) and the leader PIONEER, Mixer from Allen & Heath, Denon or RANE frequently encountered brands.Sometimes it is also worth paying attention to Sales. For example, who currently ECLER NUO4.0 an unbeatable price / performance / sound ratio. With 600 euros, he is under the rule of thumb of my friend Flea: ” Pro Channel and Feature 100 euros “. Current top models established manufacturer cost to make only 1500 Euro and more.

Added together, so one is a classic setup at least one and a half thousand euros. An amount that can be doubled easily. But but you have more than two belt-driven turntable and a rushing Cheap mixer. It has especially more joy, more incentive and if it does not work with the career, a higherresale value .

Best DJ Equipment For Beginners – The costs

There remains only one point: the running costs. Turntable actually live long, blender as well. To change only needles, a lamp or even a fader normally. What strikes into the office, the phonogram . And it need some.The average price for a 12 “is at the moment around the 10 euros.Bargains can be found on record fairs or at the flea market. Possibly even at Ebay or platform number 1: Discogs. There can go massively into the money at this estimate, however. Individual “pressures” that do not actually pressed, but are cut, called Dubplates. The are 35 euros not cheap but to involve a possibility own tracks, edits, or material that is not there on vinyl to the setup. Mispurchases can avoid it, if you know what you are looking for. The Netzt offers as all possibilities for prior information. As already mentioned ” Occupy yourself with music “. That is what, only then it makes sense on two turntables and a mixer think. An important mnemonic, which is not always heeded, despite its logic.


Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Why should you opt for an ergonomic office chair? It is, however, a real addition to your workplace. Such an ergonomic chair is designed so that all movements are supported in the right way so you can work relax without being very responsible for your own body. The difference between an ordinary office chair and an ergonomic office chair is immensely high. In an ordinary office chair is not always properly take into account the comfort, but also with your own body. With an ergonomic office chair your body is central.

benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

The benefits of an ergonomic office chair

An ergonomic office chair is not just an office, but what exactly are the benefits of such a chair? With the best ergonomic office chair you have a healthier attitude which ultimately benefit your body. With ergonomic chair are you sure you’re here to bring forward at least five to ten years. By choosing an ergonomic office chair you can be sure of optimum comfort. The good posture that you actually almost automatically with ergonomic chair, go physical symptoms like back pain and neck pain against. When you ergonomic office chair adjusts to the right way, you not only have a healthy attitude, but also an active attitude. This ultimately enhances productivity in your workplace.

So are you looking for an ergonomic chair out

It is not always easy to find an ergonomic office chair that fits with your needs. Every person is unique and that goes for ergonomic desk chairs. It is especially wise to see what kind of chairs are exactly. Where does your prefer? It may be that you are not only committed to the properties, but also to the design of the chair. This allows you to initially been watching what you like so there probably is enough to lose weight. In addition to the appearance are especially the properties of the office chair of interest. It is important that you pay attention to the functions of the particular seat.Ultimately, it is best if you have one or more seats that can test meet your needs, because only then you really know that the seat actually fits you.

These tips will get you out of your ergonomic office chair

You have such an office in your home or office and then … To get the most out of your ergonomic office chair is important that your ergonomic office chair is set correctly. Optimum sitting is an important issue that you should pay attention to the correct height, sitting area, armleggerhoogte- and width and depth. You provide the correct height when your legs at a 90 degree angle on the ground. It must be pushed a flat hand between the top of your knee and seat. For proper seating is fixed value between 95 and 105 degrees. If your bag is not easy slicing. Also, the seat depth is of interest. It is especially important that your body properly on the bottom of your back. For a good armrest his shoulders straight and lean your arms at a 90 degree angle. So pay special attention to the angle of 90 degrees at those points. For more info check out